financial frauds by banks, trading firms

EagleAi Trading Risk, Fraud Risk and Compliance Risk is Now available on AWS Marketplace

financial frauds by banks, trading firms

We add a milestone to our strategic partnership with Amazon AWS platform, as EagleAi launches on the AWS Marketplace. With this launch – EagleAi Trading Risk, Fraud Risk and Compliance Risk on the AWS Marketplace SaaS Subscriptions are now available in the US, Europe, EMEA, APAC, and ANZ.  We are excited about offering EagleAi on Marketplace because – like AWS – EagleAi is incredibly customer centric in everything we do.

With the EagleAi enterprise scale solution suite, enterprises can make their defenses rock solid.

Built with Enterprise level Data Security, Protection, Encryption, High Availability, Reliability and Scalability.

EagleAi’s self-learning models get to work from the get-go and keep refining its models non-stop, thus keeping it always current and effective.

You can reduce time-to-build your Risk Management solutions using advanced Artificial Intelligence, achieve a speed of “0 to production-ready” in just few days, and integration with EagleAi is seamless and easy.

Why EagleAi?

EagleAi modules have a very high accuracy rate thanks to its ensemble of AI models employed to do its job. With its relying on multiple different approaches to confirm an issue before it is raised as an alert, EagleAi is highly accurate in its identification of issues. Furthermore, it is able to detect a problem before it becomes serious using its trend forecasting techniques.

EagleAi uses innovative methods to triangulate across different models to be able to identify the exact problem such as the specific client, trader, system name etc. that would give enough information to fix any problem instantaneously.

There is no need to second guess with issues identified by EagleAi.

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The following EagleAi Suite of products are now available on AWS Marketplace

EagleAi Trading Risk Alerts risk managers on unusual trading flows 24×7

This module learns the typical patterns of trading activity across different entities involved in trading such as the client, traders, order management system, symbol, trading desk etc.

The advanced AI engines powering EagleAi Trading Risk modules have been designed to detect issues to prevent loss in trading due to operational issues and regulatory fines.

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EagleAi Compliance Risk Compliance officer’s watch guard 24×7

The advanced AI engine powering the EagleAi Compliance Risk modules has been built to cover many trading related compliance rules globally, supports most trading compliance rules such as US Equities SEC & FINRA Trading  Rule 611, 15c3-5, 200, 203, 47A are some of the out-of-the-box rules.

Firms can harness the power of EagleAi Compliance risk to discover lurking issues unknown for several years significantly reducing the chance of heavy penalties and fines.

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Get started with the EagleAi Compliance Risk SaaS Subscription on AWS Marketplace today.

EagleAi Fraud Risk The fraud detector with eagle’s vision

It is a serious regulatory violation if a firm does not have enough oversight on trading to prevent fraudulent trading patterns such as Spoofing, Layering, Front Running etc within a trading firm.

The EagleAi Fraud Risk solution detects patterns that look very suspicious of such fraudulent trading behavior and alerts the risk managers. This module can save millions of dollars of fine as well as prevent any reputational damages.

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Get started with the EagleAi Fraud Risk SaaS Subscription on AWS Marketplace today.

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About EagleAi:

EagleAi is a comprehensive fraud detection, compliance risk and trading risk management solution for banks and trading firms with advanced dashboard visual analytics. EagleAi’s industry leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology requires some of the best minds in the industry. Our Leadership team with over 40 years of collective experience in Trading, Market Data, Risk Management and Fintech services, is leading the charge, helping its investors and its customers get the best ROI. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


EagleAi Use Case Series: Market Data Risk – Bad market data causes a broker to reject orders from a client incorrectly which leads to a financial loss

In electronic trading, quality of market data is very critical. There has been too many instances where trading firms’ algorithmic engines trading on bad market data has caused huge losses for the trading firm. There are compliance rules that require brokers to ensure the correctness of an order by applying pre-market limit checks. It is important that these checks are applied with correct market data. In this blog we are going to consider a realistic but a hypothetical scenario where bad market data could cause huge losses even when it prevents a legitimate trade from happening.

Scenario: Trading systems subscribe to real time market data which has got bad market data for delta, gamma and other greeks of an option for one of its symbols.

  • Delta is 20x the usual delta for an option with a similar strike and contract expiry month. The limit checker checks the “Delta Adjusted Notional Value” of a client’s option order and rejects the order as it computed a 20x a typical value of the delta adjusted notional value.
  • Because of the limit breach, client is not able to send any orders to the exchange through the broker. It takes a while for the support team to figure out what is happening while the client is restless to place the orders.
  • When knowing about the trading glitch, client is upset with the broker.
  • Broker makes the client whole by agreeing to pay more than $100,000 for the trading loss suffered by the client during the 30 minute period it took to resolve.

It is obvious that a very high quality market data is critical to any trading activity at an institutional scale. When algorithms make trading decisions, it is even more important to have high quality market data. Despite the efforts of the team that supports the market data infrastructure, erroneous data does slip in. EagleAi can be an effective engine to aid in flagging when bad market data creeps in the stream.

EagleAi Market Data Risk module can process streaming data as an input. As it processes this data, it would self-learn about the characteristics of each symbol such as the typical price increase, the typical bid-ask spread at different times of the day, typical volume, typical values for the greeks if it were an option symbol etc. When EagleAi detects a huge deviation from the symbol’s patterns such as the one in this scenario, it can set a flag on the market data stream so that algos can choose to ignore this market data. EagleAi Market Data risk uses many different AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques to detect these anomalies to compute a proprietary score named “E-score”. False positives are significantly reduced by flagging it only when EagleAi score is above a high threshold. EagleAi Market Data risk module can prevent trading decisions based on bad market data to prevent financial losses to the Client and maximize profits.

EagleAi – detects abnormal market data at lightning speed.
The EagleAi Market Data Risk module is an ensemble of Anomaly Detection techniques to detect abnormal market data across thousands of symbols.
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EagleAi is a collection of enterprise scale AI engines, which will watch your business’s back and prevent major losses Trading Risk, Fraud Risk, Compliance Risk, position exposures (TradeWatch Position Risk), and Market Data Risk.