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With EagleAi’s Tradewatch enterprise scale Artificial Intelligence(AI) platform and its Advanced Risk management tools for solving specific problems faced by their industry, enterprises can bring the power of AI to make their defenses rock solid. EagleAi’s self-learning models get to work from the get-go and keep refining its models non-stop, thus keeping it always current and effective. Integration with EagleAi is seamless and easy.

Our advanced risk management tools are available as a native solution on all cloud platforms as well as an on-premise solution. You can achieve a speed of “0 to production-ready” in just days.

EagleAi TradeWatch is an ensemble of AI engines that observes trading transactions from logs or from a database and learns to identify outliers that matters for Risk Management. The AI engines powering EagleAi TradeWatch modules have been designed to detect issues that has caused many firms to lose a lot of money in trading due to operational issues and regulatory fines.

Why EagleAi Tradewatch?

EagleAi modules have a very high accuracy rate thanks to its ensemble of AI models employed to do its job. With its relying on multiple different approaches to confirm an issue before it is raised as an alert, EagleAi is highly accurate in its identification of issues. Further more, it is able to detect a problem before it becomes serious using its trend forecasting techniques.

EagleAi is using innovative methods to triangulate across different models to be able to identify the exact problem such as the specific client, trader, system name etc. that would give enough information to fix any problem instantaneously. There is no need to second guess with issues identified by EagleAi.


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EagleAi TradeWatch Plug and Play Modules

EagleAi TradeWatch has five distinct modules, each of which can be configured as a standalone component. EagleAi can be installed as an on-prem or a cloud solution aand can be integrated with firm specific alerting, dashboard, reporting and GRC tools.

TradeWatch – Trading Risk

This module learns the typical patterns of trading activity across different entities involved in trading such as the client, traders, order management system, symbol, trading desk etc. With the knowledge it gains over a period of time, EagleAi engines are able to predict a range of trading activity for each entity. Any significant deviations from such activity is confirmed by more one EagleAi engine before it is signaled as an anomaly to the risk managers. This helps identify and mitigate any gaps in the primary limit control systems mandated by most regulators.

EagleAi is able to achieve a very high accuracy rate and reduce the false positives in its signals through a proprietary triangulation method. EagleAi provides context to its signals that aids the risk managers to understand and resolve the issues raised very quickly.

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TradeWatch – Compliance Risk

Every year, many firms are getting fined by global financial regulators for millions of dollars for various levels of non-compliance. Firms can have a peace of mind with this EagleAi module as it covers quite an array of global compliance rules for trading, and detects patterns of order flows and maps it to specific compliance rules. If it detects an anomaly in any of these patterns, it sends signals to the compliance manager to investigate further and resolve.

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TradeWatch – Fraud Risk

It is a serious regulatory violation if a firm does not have enough oversight on trading to prevent fraudulent trading patterns such as Spoofing, Layering, Front Running etc within a trading firm. This EagleAi module detects patterns that look very suspicious of such fraudulent trading behavior and alerts the risk managers. This module can save millions of dollars of fine as well as prevent any reputational damages.

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TradeWatch – Position Risk

Asset holdings and positions held at a trading firm have a risk exposure that needs to be managed. The value of these positions are sensitive to various factors and market movements. This EagleAi module maps out the sensitivity of a trading account’s positions to various quantitative factor models. If there are any anomalies detected, it sends a timely alert to the risk managers so that they can investigate further and resolve the issues.

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TradeWatch – Market Data Risk

Any trading firm is sensitive to market data feeds and its quality. Even a single anomaly in market data could make a trading firm lose millions of dollars. Sometimes, anomalous movement of a stock could be used as an opportunity by trading firms. This EagleAi module uncovers anomalous market data elements in market data feed in real-time and sends signals if any anomalies were detected. This signals could be used by a firm to handle these anomalies appropriately.


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