TradeWatch Market Data Risk

Do you wish you knew immediately every time there is some
strange movements in your Market Data

With EagleAi your wish may be granted!

The advanced AI engine powering EagleAi Market Data Risk

EagleAi™ Market Data  Risk is an AI engine’s cutting edge Anomaly Detection techniques is built for massive scale trading flows.

EagleAi Market Data Risk tool works in Real-time

EagleAi will silently watch everything that is happening under the sun and it will automatically learn to detect trends at the client, trader, symbol activity, desk, division and system levels. Abnormal trends i.e. deviations from normalcy that cannot be detected with traditional methods and tools or even with any rules based engines will be detected by the powerful EagleAi. Furthermore, EagleAi’s proprietary triangulation methods identifies the reasons behind the deviations which will help Risk Officers take corrective actions in near real-time.

The advanced Artificial Intelligence engine powering EagleAi Market Data Risk modules has been built with this expertise such that losses can be prevented easily by employing EagleAi to watch out for any Market risk scenarios.

The product is designed to work with existing market data feeds within an organization.

Advanced Statistical Monitoring

We are developing a version of the module using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) specifically designed for low-latency monitoring and has the ability to add additional models for advanced statistical monitoring.

Minimize your losses maximize your profits!
Is EagleAi watching out for you?

EagleAi™ algorithms are adaptive to current market and macroeconomic conditions and specific news events on symbols and hence reduces false positives significantly.

Benefits of EagleAI Market Data Risk

For Traders and Risk Managers: EagleAi™ Market Data Watch prevents market data orders from being executed when there are large swings in securities price thereby protecting clients from being adversely affected by market swings as a result of flash crashes or large market movements that could significantly impact portfolio value.

Market Risk Anomalies:

  • Abnormal Price movements
  • Abnormal Volume activity
  • Abnormal Correlation deviations between Symbol/Sector
  • Abnormal bid ask spreads in quotes
  • Abnormal Options activity on a symbol