EagleAi Anomaly Detector

EagleAi Anomaly Detector - Prevent frauds, breaches, defects and abnormal conditions leveraging our expertise in data science and machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI).

Detect Anomalies and Identify Root Causes

Our machine Learning monitors your data or logs for abnormalities in real time and EagleAi Anomaly detector helps you find the earliest indicators of frauds, breaches, poor or bad quality and abnormal conditions, identify the origin of hard-to-troubleshoot problems, and detect issues proactively. We unlock data insights to help you understand major influences on a problem and determine where to focus your attention.

  • Monitor for abnormalities and see how the data has changed over time
    Detect and analyze the root causes of defects with greater accuracy
  • Resolve problems proactively and eliminate disruptive impacts to your operations
  • Gain a real-time view of production and quality from anywhere in the world
  • Reduce or do away with repetitive data processing and analytics tasks
  • Save costs through data-driven optimizations

EagleAi™ Tradewatch Anomaly Detector mitigates Operational Risks in High Volume Trading is an AI engine that detects market abuse, fraudulent, manipulative trading, erroneous trading or malfunctioning algorithms to reduce losses and reputational damages to organizations.

The advanced AI engine powering EagleAi Trading Risk modules has been built with this expertise such that losses can be prevented easily by employing EagleAi to watch out for any Trading Anomalies.

Is EagleAi watching out for you?

EagleAi’s advanced Anomaly detection is an AI engine monitors and detect issues lurking for years and alerts in near real-time when anomalies occur. With its eagle eyes, EagleAi can spot issues from far, much before it becomes a huge issue, so that you have a chance to fix them and nip it in the bud.

With EagleAi’s enterprise scale AI platform and its Advanced Risk Management models for solving specific problems faced by their industry, enterprises can bring the power of AI to make their defenses rock solid. EagleAi’s patent pending, self-learning models get to work from the get-go and keep refining its models non-stop, thus keeping it always current and effective. Integration with EagleAi is seamless and easy. EagleAi is available as a native solution on all cloud platforms as well as an on-prem solution. You can achieve a speed of “0 to production-ready” in just days.

Risk-based alerting and streaming visual analytics

Conquer alert fatigue, attribute risk to users and systems, map alerts to industry leading frameworks and trigger alerts when risk exceeds thresholds.


Why EagleAi Anomaly Detector?

There is a huge cost to undetected anomalies to any enterprise banks and traders. Usually these grow into large issues that cause these firms substantial losses and permanent damages to their reputation. Many of the notorious hidden risks lurking for years could be attributed to not monitoring for anomalies and fixing the problems early on. With EagleAi, Anomaly detection you can protect your companies reduce losses, penalties and regulatory fines.

  • Self learning Anomaly Detection System that uses multiple AI algorithms to improve accuracy.
  • Ability to detect anomalies and deliver real time analytics even at a massive volume of data flow.
  • Easily Integrate with 3rd party tools to support data analysis, process management and reporting.

The EagleAi ™ Anomaly Detection system helps identify anomalous, erroneous, compliance violating and fraudulent transactions in high volume trading environments.

Benefits of EagleAI Anomaly Detector

Anomalous, erroneous orders, orders violating compliance rules and identifying possible fraudulent trading activities are highlighted by the system for proactive action by Risk Managers.

  • The Platform can be run as a real time system or in batch mode to detect violations.
  • The platform is designed as a fully contained system and is designed to run in a cloud environment like AWS or in the client’s on prem.
  • The system enables cross functional collaboration and alignment.
  • Users across IT functions and Trading, Risk and Compliance can work together in an integrated framework and resolve issues.
  • System records trail of users comments in issue resolution.