EagleAi Trend Predictor

How to Mitigate risks and Maximize profits?

Using EagleAi's advanced Trend Predictor's Timely alerts your wish may be granted!

The advanced AI engine powering EagleAi Trend Predictor

EagleAi™ Trend Predictor is an AI engine that is very critical to planning for Ups and Downs of a business. It is in-fact a critical aspect of risk management. EagleAi’s advanced time-series trend prediction engines work as a fully managed service, seamlessly on high frequency, high volume data flow and and alert in real-time if and when a tipping point would be reached.

Timely alerts from EagleAi on an impending error due to a trend it is able to predict, could save the enterprise from a huge loss and other damages.

EagleAI uses Predictive intelligence to detect trends for competitive advantage.

EagleAi Trend Detector is a system which helps in mitigation of financial risks. Serious problems can be detected even before it happens by knowing that trends starts deviating from the norm.

EagleAi™ Trend Detector is a Deep Learning and AI driven Risk Management system that helps to Predict trends for risks from Market data to save the enterprises from a huge losses and other damages.

EagleAi™ Trend Predictor algorithms are adaptive to current market and macroeconomic conditions and specific news events on symbols.

Use Cases:

  • Extract insights from Research reports, analyst calls for improved predictions.
  • Extract market sentiments from news reports.
  • Parse 10-K/10-Q reports for features that can be used in Predictions and anomaly detection.