EagleAI - Advanced Risk Management Solutions


Advanced, Adaptive and Predictive

Today, organizations must evolve faster than ever or risk becoming extinct. Effective risk management is more than avoiding major failures and business disruptions.

Continuous organizational risk awareness using Artificial Intelligence and bigdata analytics provides power to the Risk Managers to handle several different types of Trading and Market data risks.

Automatic machine learning models that dynamically learns from the patterns of operations that are NOT hard coded by rules helps Risk managers to have an effective First or Second Line of Defense.

Risk Proof your business into a fully automated approach using Advanced AI based solutions, to engage across your lines of defense with a modern technology platform gives you the agility, user experience and accessibility that satisfies infrequent business users, administrative power users and executives.

  • Quickly Detect and Resolve the risks.
  • Conduct risk assessments that evaluates business priorities and its impact to the business.
  • Prioritize the risks based on the Eagle AI Tradewatch dashboard metrics and reports.
  • Execute the risk mitigation plan integrated with leading third party vendors in the industry

EagleAI consolidates risk data from across an organization and uses Visual analytics to provide organizations with a comprehensive contextual details to make decisions faster and accurate.

Improves efficiency— Organizations can streamline and automate a wide variety of governance, risk and compliance processes, leading to higher ROI and protect from reputational damages.

Accelerates decision-making

Drives accountability for risk with built-in industry standards and best practices.

Provides a consolidated Dashboard view of risks allowing you to prioritize audit activities based on risk assessments and business priorities. It provides the tools, reports and dashboards necessary to inform decision-making by leaders at all levels of the organization. It provides plugins to easily integrate with other leading third party vendors in the industry.


Eagle AI provides the cutting edge technology required to keep regulatory and compliance risks under control. Compliance Managers can streamline the workflow of the most critical risks to your company and avoid costly fines and penalties.

Stay compliant of the complex dizzying array of GRC compliance requirements including SEC, FINRA, OCC, CFPB, CFTC and Federal Reserve.

Gather all of your compliance procedures into a comprehensive dashboard, giving you the power of Eagle’s Eyes to make sure important requirements don’t fall through the cracks.

Monitor the workflow from creation to resolution.

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      EAGLEAI enable Organisations to easily leverage powerful Visual  Data Analytics with contextual details to detect and manage risks and compliances and make complex decisions faster.


      EAGLE AI Machine learning engine continuously learn and train to produce Predictive analytics dashboard reports, charts, trends, metrics and scorecards to manage risks compliances.


      Putting our over 30 years of fintech and risk management expertise by helping our customers analyze and adopt advanced technology  to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of complex business operations.