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EagleAi – The Fraud Detector with Eagle’s vision

EagleAi Fraud risk detects fraudulent methods like Spoofing, Layering and Front running techniques to avoid costly fines and litigations.

Recently major firms have been charged with hundreds of millions of dollars as fines for allowing fraudulent trading practices go undetected due to inadequate surveillance on their part. Fraud detection in trading is a complex problem that needs advanced solution.

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EagleAi team has partnered with one of the world’s premier Artificial Intelligence research institute and designed a pattern recognition algorithm to detect fraudulent patterns in trading such as Spoofing, Layering and Front Running. Our deep learning model can identify the series of transactions that look connected and suspicious. Timely alert to risk officers would help them investigate further. As opposed to problems going undetected for years, potential fraudulent transactions are brought to light by EagleAi in near real time for risk managers to take corrective actions. False positives are reduced by EagleAi’s proprietary ensemble model approach.

EagleAi cutting edge Fraud Detection algorithm is built for several known Fraud risks affecting trading firms such as Spoofing/Layering, Quote Stuffing and Front Running.

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EagleAi’s Fraud risk management SaaS licenses are now available on the Amazon Cloud and licenses can be purchased online through the AWS Marketplace. Click here to Subscribe Fraud Risk.


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