TradeWatch Compliance Risk

EagleAi - Compliance officer's Watch Guard 24x7

Every year, many firms are getting fined by global financial regulators for millions of dollars for various levels of non-compliance. Trading Firms can have a peace of mind with EagleAi’s advanced compliance risk modules as it covers quite an array of global compliance rules. 

According to Corporate Compliance Insights, regulators charged banks with $15B in fines in 2020, with US banks accounting for 73% of those fines.

Key Differentiators of EagleAi Compliance Risk:

  • Higher accuracy of non-compliance detection, reduced false positives.
  • No coding or programming required.
  • Powerful Visual analytics with contextual details. Less manual work needed for additional verification.
  • Ability to identify new patterns and adapt to changes in compliance rules.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Ready to deploy, out-of-the-box solution can be customized easily for several pre-built use cases.



The advanced Artificial Intelligence engine powering EagleAi Compliance Risk modules has been built to cover many trading related compliance rules globally, supports most trading compliance rules such as US Equities SEC & FINRA Trading  Rule 611, 15c3-5, 200, 203, 47A are some of the out-of-the-box rules. Firms can harness the power of EagleAi Compliance risk to discover lurking issues unknown for several years significantly reducing the chance of heavy penalties and fines.

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EagleAi’s Tradewatch enterprise scale AI platform and its advanced compliance management modules reduce non-compliance risks faced by the trading firms. Having compliance checks closer to real-time could help prevent large violations that will draw increased scrutiny and audit on the firm by the regulators. EagleAi is able to alert potential violations of compliance rules as soon as it happens along with details such as the name of the trading system where such violation is suspected thus giving an opportunity for the trading systems to be corrected before it is allowed to continue trading with compliance violations.

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EagleAi’s Compliance risk management SaaS licenses are now available on the Amazon Cloud and licenses can be purchased online through the AWS Marketplace. Click here to Subscribe Compliance Risk.