Trend Detector

With EagleAi’s enterprise scale AI platform and its advanced risk management models for solving specific problems faced by their industry, enterprises can bring the power of AI to make their defenses rock solid. EagleAi’s patent pending, self-learning models get to work from the get-go and keep refining its models non-stop, thus keeping it always current and effective.Integration with EagleAi is seamless and easy. EagleAi is available as a native solution on all cloud platforms as well as an on-prem solution. You can achieve a speed of “0 to production-ready” in just days.

Predicting time-series trend is very critical to planning for Ups and Downs of a business. It is in-fact a critical aspect of risk management. EagleAi’s advanced time-series trend prediction engines work as a fully managed service, seamlessly on high frequency, high volume data flow and and alert in real-time if and when a tipping point would be reached.

Timely alerts from EagleAi on an impending error due to a trend it is able to predict, could save the enterprise from a huge loss and other damages.